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Fanclub for Television Police Detectives
13th-May-2018 06:46 pm - Obscure & British Commentfest 2018
spooks - Harry/Ruth/Bench = ♥

A multifandom commentfest for tiny to medium British fandoms of all kinds. All fanworks welcome. (Click on the banner for the link.)
17th-May-2013 04:59 pm - Obscure & British Comment Fest
Northanger reading, reading

A Multifandom comment fest for small to medium British fandoms. All and any fanworks welcome. Come and join in! (Click on the banner for the link.)
Master 2
God, but Roger Allam is really good in it, isn't he?
5th-Sep-2012 09:21 am - Jonathan Creek returning!
10 Can't Talk - Watching
This news via Cultbox

Jonathan Creek star Alan Davies has announced that a new episode of the crime drama will be filmed next year.

The actor tweeted yesterday: "New Jonathan Creek episode with [Sheridan Smith] will shoot early in 2013."

Smith has previously appeared in the show as Joey Ross in 2009's The Grinning Man and 2010's The Judas Tree.

(I'm guessing they couldn't fit in the filming before because of Sheridan's ridiculously busy schedule - she's either filming TV series/movies or on stage. She's just begun rehearsing Hedda Gabler, for example.)
3rd-Sep-2012 10:38 pm - Endeavour
The Radio Times gives us some fascinating titbits about the upcoming series of Endeavour.
Kady Butler

It took executive producers Christina Wayne and Tom Fontana years to get their vision of the 19th century onto the TV screen.

13th-May-2012 11:18 am - Foyle's War S8: Update
AoS Coulson+Skye OTP
Just seen this Tweet from Anthony Horowitz re. S8 of Foyle's War:

Potential Spoilers AheadCollapse )
10th-May-2012 07:08 pm - Lewis S6
AoS Coulson+Skye OTP
Series 6 of 'Lewis', the Inspector Morse spin-off, begins on May 16th at 8pm on ITV.

Read moreCollapse )

Press Pack for S6 here

Anyone interested in a discussion post for after the episode airs?
24th-Apr-2012 07:32 am - New Series: The Bletchley Circle
AoS Coulson+Skye OTP
Now THIS looks like fun!

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